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We swim yesterday for the first time this year. The water was 78 degrees and the pool enclosure mellowed out at 107. It was great. We don't have a pool heater. Just the enclosure and we also purchased a solar blanket that helped increase the water temperature a little. First swim April 5 2009, not bad for NC and no heater. Thanks for all your help with ordering and installation.
Cheryl & Carrie

Pittsboro, NC

We are a member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of America  NSPI / APSP  Membership number 210670

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Sunroom Plus Aqua Shield™ Sunrooms and Enclosures

Aqua Shield™ has leveraged our creativity and innovation to bring homeowners the only sunroom with a patented telescoping design, combining a sleek look with impeccable functionality. Our sunrooms enable users to take full advantage of their outdoor amenities, such as patios, pools and spas, during any type of weather. Plus, due to their energy efficiency and ability to block out unwanted temperatures, utility charges can drop drastically as well. Taking advantage of an Aqua Shield™ sunroom has many benefits, both social and economic, for savvy homeowners looking for a new alternative to building a traditional sunroom or patio.

Enjoy beautiful days by opening the sunroom’s doors to the environment, allowing the sun and breeze to flow into the experience. Family and friends can play cards around a patio table, hang out in the pool or take a soak in the spa, all without missing out on the nice weather. Temperatures are not always perfect though, so if it gets too hot, just take a few seconds to slide the lightweight sunroom sections closed. The polycarbonate glazing on the on the glass of select enclosures will reflect the unwanted heat, keeping the interior cool and comfortable, even in the warmer months.

This same polycarbonate glaze will work double-duty too, keeping the warmth inside when the outside air is too cold. Even on the most unwelcoming days, the Aqua Shield™ sunroom will provide a cozy hideaway for you and your guests. Our sunrooms are superior to other outdoor patio enclosures NY residents will usually come across, being versatile as well as protective. Imagine watching the kids and their friends splash around in the pool when it is raining, or even snowing, all around them. By placing an Aqua Shield™ sunroom over swimming pool units this is possible. Homeowners don’t have to let bad climate conditions dictate their activities anymore, because Aqua Shield™ sunrooms can help provide a great environment no matter what the weather.

We have also supplied two style options to better suit the individual needs of our clients. The Rainbow Sunroom Model is perfect for harsher environments because it utilizes a twin wall polycarbonate glazing, creating more insulation for better temperature control. This is also the model of choice to go over pools and spas since temperature conditions will not only affect enjoyment, but utility bills as well. By keeping temperatures more constant around these amenities, their heaters will not have to be engaged as often, helping to save money on heating all year long.

For homeowners who are looking for a more subtle experience, perhaps allowing them to feel more engrossed in an outdoor garden, the Sunrise Sunroom Model is a perfect choice. The Sunrise is equipped with a clear-tint polycarbonate glazing, supplying the ability to feel closer to the natural environment while still being protected from its potential dangers.

Plus, all of our sunrooms are manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials possible. We’ve designed our sunrooms to be the most attractive, affordable alternative to the same old traditional patio enclosures NY residents are probably used to seeing.

Aqua Shield™ sunrooms are quality-built, long-lasting structures that homeowners will enjoy all year round. No matter what the weather, our sunrooms will supply a safe, comfortable place for family and friends to get together and have fun.

Aquashield Sunroom EnclosureAquashield Sunroom EnclosureAquashield Sunroom Enclosure

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Beware of domestic and foreign imitations. Aqua Shield Inc. is the only US patented telescopic enclosure. Patent infringement liabilities... Read more

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