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It is very rare to find someone or some company today that follows through with being where they are suppose to be, and with Aqua Shield, that wasn't even an issue. My Low-Shield Telescopic Pool Enclosure was done when I was told it would be. And to me, that is amazing!
Ashland, ME

We are a member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of America  NSPI / APSP  Membership number 210670

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Sunroom Plus Aqua Shield™ Sunrooms and Enclosures

Aqua Shield™ sunroom and patio enclosures increase living space and transform outdoor patio space with the only patented telescopic patio sunroom design available. The high-quality sunroom glass is manufactured in the USA and constructed from either clear-tinted or twin-walled thermal glazing. The sunroom is delivered fully assembled and can be installed in only a few hours-no sunroom construction is necessary! As seen on TV, Aqua Shield™ sunrooms are ideal for the family to enjoy an indoor and outdoor living experience. A patio enclosure is an attractive, affordable alternative to traditionally designed sunrooms or patios.

Our sunrooms and patios are built with high end durable materials that are engineered to ensure energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run. The polycarbonate glazing acts as an insulation to retain or reflect heat depending on the season. Many customers choose to purchase their Aqua Shield™ sunrooms to enclose outdoor pools for swimming throughout the year and
have fun on rainy weekends. A patio enclosure sunroom is also a great way to cover your patio or create a rooftop oasis if you live in a big city like New York or Chicago.

Numerous customers have written to us celebrating our great service and efficiency in providing a durable and high-quality sunroom or patio enclosure. Not only does a patio room provide more space for you and your family to enjoy, but this investment saves money in the long run as it will
help you make the most out of your house or pool. Additionally, the energy efficient material allows you to save more on heating or electricity bills than if you chose to construct another type of sunroom.          

Our Sunrooms Offer Full Panoramic Views

Aqua Shield™ Sunroom is not a Kit. It is delivered to your home fully assembled. Aqua Shield™ Sunrooms are ideal for the family to enjoy an indoor/outdoor living experience. Our Sunrooms are an attractive, affordable alternative to traditional sunroom designs, and manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials.  Sunrooms available in a clear-tinted or twin-walled thermal glazing.

Aquashield Sunroom EnclosureAquashield Sunroom EnclosureAquashield Sunroom Enclosure

Beware of domestic and foreign imitations. Aqua Shield Inc. is the only US patented telescopic enclosure. Patent infringement liabilities... Read more

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